DARK BLUE: SODALITE - This sodalite gemstone bracelet is handmade with genuine sodalite stones. Sodalite helps to increase will power & intuition. It stimulates living according to your own beliefs and values and therefore, helps you to live a more authentic life. Sodalite brings inner peace and aids in endurance and willpower. It helps you develop intuition.


ROSE: ROSE QUARTZ - This quartz gemstone bracelet is handmade with genuine quartz beads. Quartz encourages self esteem & love. It raises self esteem and teaches us to love ourselves. This stone of unconditional love opens our heart chakra to love in all of its forms while lowering stress and soothing the soul.


LIGHT GREY, DARK GREY AND OPAQUE: AGATE - The agate gemstone bracelets are handmade with genuine agate stones. Agate represents confidence & security. It increases security & self confidence while grounding & balancing you. Because of agates many layers, in can bring new information and characteristics to surface.


SNAKESKIN AND LEOPARD: JASPER - The jasper gemstone bracelets are handmade with genuine jasper stones. Jasper is know for calming & spirituality. Jasper is soothing and encourages determination & solution seeking. It increases spiritual connectedness to the earth, nature and the universe.


AMAZONITE - This amazonite gemstone bracelet is handmade with genuine amazonite stones. Amazonite is known as a calming & balancing stone. Amazonite calms the soul while facilitating personal growth and being true to one self & others. Amazonite increases rationalism and objectivity & balances emotions.


HOWLITE - This howlite gemstone bracelet is handmade with genuine howlite beads. Howlite promotes patience and peace. It relieves stress and anxiety while it calms an overactive mind and assists with meditation & spiritual connection. Howlite helps and eases sleep patterns and increases understanding & patience. This stone boosts motivation and ambition and increases goal realization.


  • Measures: 1" diameter, 16"-18.5" adjustable chain Made in Indonesia.



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