Meet Annie

I am excited to share my passion for life and style through LOVE OF LUXE. My life is currently a balancing act between family, friends, LUXE and community. I have a son who is funny, sweet and already growing up fast, a new baby girl and a loving and patient husband who supports me as I manage my LUXE life with everything else! We love to travel, spend time with family and be involved with several charities that we feel passionate about.

My style inspiration comes from many aspects for my life; my travels for LUXE and for pleasure, my fashionable sisters and friends who love to discuss the latest trends as much as I do and my love of city life. My every day look is jeans and a tee. My wardrobe is mostly filled with classic items (I am especially drawn to cashmere sweaters and wraps), but I love to experiment with quirky fashion trends and throw in an unexpected piece. I would describe my ‘dressed up’ style as urban chic.

I believe that style is not just about what you see in stores or on the runway, but about what makes you feel confident. Getting dressed for a day with your kids can be just as important as a business meeting. I am quickly learning that being a mom is the hardest job in the world, but creating a style that builds your confidence can be a game changer.

My goal for LUXE is to encourage women to play with fashion and enhance their personal style to look and feel their best through showcasing pieces we love, ways to style them and tips and tricks on how to dress for the best you.

Annie and Barritt

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