LUXE stylebox Terms and Conditions
  • You will receive an email letting you know that it is time for your monthly or seasonal stylebox.

  • If you do not reply to that email with any requests or comments we will send you a stylebox assuming that there are not any changes to your profile.

  • You will be charged the $15 styling fee on the day that we start to curate your stylebox, or if you have requested images you will be charged on the day that we email images to you.

  • If you have requested the image option and do not respond to our email of images within 3 days a stylebox will be curated without your imput and will be shipped to you.

  • Your stylebox will ship within 3 days from the day that we begin working on it.  We will send you an email with tracking information on the day that your stylebox ships.

  • You will have 5 days to try on the items and get them back to UPS using the prepaid label we provide.

  • If your stylebox has not be sent by the end of the 5th day you will be charged the entirety of your stylebox.


**If you do not agree to the LUXE stylebox terms and conditions, you will no longer be a part of the monthy or seasonal stylebox program.  Please contact us directly with any questions or concerns.